Garvan Giltenan

Me ol' pal is writin' a buke...

The day-glo home of wayward comics impresario/creator Archibald Templar. He's not too shabby at drawing, that lad.

Bob Byrne is the bastard son of Graham Linehan and Robert Crumb. Bill Hicks may have been holding their swimming trunks while they did it.

Also check out Bob's latest insanity Spazzmoid.

Patrick and Katie's comic co. All comics hand made by Taiwanese orphans in P and K's dank, musty cellar.

Patrick Lynch's own site. Beat it Katie, he said.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Belfast's Phil Barrett. Wotta guy!

Davy Francis

Davy's a good pal, as well as being a bit of a comics legend. We're working on 4 Fathers together, dontchaknow.

Fyshbowl Comics

My pal Kylo.


Bridgeen Gillespie's Mr Maximo and Rabbit have helped me through some pretty tough times...

Mike Carroll

Mike wrote "In Excess" for Sancho #5. Getcha Quantum Prophesy novels heah!

John and Leah are fast becoming comic legends.

Chris and Stu's banana-smelling comic goodness.

It's only Cliodhna Lyons and her art-i-ness.


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