Poster for Leeson Park Player's production of
Alan Ayckbourn's A Chorus of Disapproval

Illustration for the Irish Times 6 Nations Rugby supplement, accompanying an article on the Rugby Twitterati, February 2011


Skrewy Science with Prof Butterknut & Kronk #1  Monthly comic strip for the Irish Times BANG supplement, starting November 2011.


HOW I DID IT, GUV'NOR   Alan names and shames the guilty parties

I was asked by the Irish Times to do a series of cartoon strips for their monthly BANG science supplement aimed at teens, each strip to describe the steps of a simple-to-do-at-home yet exciting experiment. I decided that the best way to do it was to come up with a couple of characters to act out the experiments and interact with each other, so I came up with Professor Flugel and his robot monkey lab assistant Kronk.

First I do a number of character sketches for Flugel and Kronk...

...then I do a rough (as hell) layout of the 4-5 panel strip. At this stage I have an idea of the dialogue explaining the experiment and how the two characters will interact...

...then, as I have an accurate size that the strip will fit into, I lay it out in Adobe Illustrator, designing the main logo/masthead, and setting all the text (writing the dialogue as I go). I also change the Prof's name from Flugel to Butterknut as that afternoon I had a bowl of butternut squash soup, and because it fit the space I had left for the strip title better. I sketch the panels out in pencil a bit more accurately while I'm at it...

...I then scan this and, using Photoshop, change all the lines, including the pencil lines, to light blue. I print this out and ink the "drawing" parts. I then scan this again at high resolution, clean it up on screen in Photoshop and marry it with the layout/lettering I had set in Illustrator.
The cartoon is then coloured in Photoshop and textures are added. The strip is kicked around and finessed until I start to lose consciousness, and then I save it, flatten the layers and resave it as a high res jpeg which I send to the editor. And barring one small change to the text ("veek" becomes "month"), Bob's yer Monkhouse.


Double page comic strip for the Irish Times World Cup Magazine, 2nd June 2010

Illustration to accompany a Ross O'Carroll Kelly article, Irish Times Aviva Stadium Supplement, 17th May 2010

Cover Image for RíRá comic, March 2010

Illustrated A2 poster insert for Irish Times / Croke Park GAA Museum, 2nd December 2009



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